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"Thanks, Lisa, for getting my life on track! Engaging Lisa in her personal coaching program has been a revelatory experience. Finally, I understand what really motivates me and what has been holding me back from achieving my career and personal aspirations. Best of all, I now have a ‘life plan’ with precise goals and a clear path for achieving them. And there can be no question that Lisa’s program and personal guidance brought success in my first and primary objective – to advance my career to the next level in my chosen field – within the short span of the program. Lisa’s process is excellent, and made more so by her personal insight and consistent encouragement. I highly recommend Lisa and Elkay Corporate Advisors to anyone seeking to achieve a clearer understanding of themselves, and to realize their personal potential."  
~Paul Haigh

"On behalf of the Long Branch Concordance and myself, I just wanted to thank you for the exceptional work you performed with our Board of Trustees and staff. At the time we met, I was researching possible outside advisors to assist the Board and me update our strategic plan. I was immediately impressed with your credentials and approach to the strategic planning process.

The commitment you provided to the Long Branch Concordance throughout the process was an inspiration to us all. I am grateful for your insight, motivation and persistence throughout the process. We are truly thankful to have developed our strategic plan with the guidance of a local professional.  The Long Branch Concordance considers your professional guidance and our on-going relationship an asset to our agency."

~ Darcy M. Doben, Former Executive Director

"Lisa's passion, good will and generosity are contagious. She delights in sharing meaningful experiences and information to support and develop others. A spirited peer-mentor, and supportive team colleague, she brings valuable, useful tools and energy to our circle. Thank you, Lisa, for the opportunity to share your "head space!"

~ Deborah Frey, President-Lead Coach , FreyWorks

"Time management is really a goals clarification issue! Elkay's seminar was intensive and comprehensive, really getting to the heart of the matter. When we're doing (or not doing) what we know we should it's incredibly important to find out why. Owning that helps break down emotional barriers holding us back. Lisa adds to the class an invaluable service while instructional materials provide useful guidelines for getting unstuck. These practical tips are seamlessly implemented through encouragement (thank you Lisa!) and spaced repetition.

It was initially uncomfortable to revisit the road I had travelled, but listing my accomplishments eventually opened my eyes to the potential I was holding back within myself while participating in tasks that were not in line with my goals. In the short time since the class ended, I have seen and increased achievement of my SMARTY goals and am looking forward to adding more to my list. I feel a deeper connection to those I interact with and shifting my focus has helped my business explode with growth. I have new customers and a wealth of new prospects I can't wait to empower. I radiate belief in myself and what I do because of this class and it attracts others who want the same.

Thank you for what you have helped me achieve."

~ Amanda Anton, Health Coach, Shaklee

"Lisa Kanda is truly a professional business coach that takes a personal interest in each of her students. She made each session enjoyable and interactive and was always available for questions, concerns or when I needed that extra push. The text and CD's are informative and brought to the surface some of my past fears that blocked me from attaining my goals. Through repetition and determination I am better organized both personally and professionally. I highly recommend the Survival Seminar to anyone who needs to sharpen their skills and clear the way to succeed."

~ Susan Corrado

"I recently had the pleasure of taking a course entitled Survival Seminar for 2009, taught by Lisa Kanda of Elkay Corporate Advisors.  The timing could not have been better, as the course started in January, when most of us are reevaluating our priorities and goals for the new year.  In addition, I am in the midst of a job search, and I had been struggling with managing my time among conducting the search itself, aggressive networking and followup, and engaging in a variety of pro bono projects I'd hoped might result in eventual job leads.

As an instructor, Lisa Kanda is exceptionally skilled and focused.  She has the ability to balance following the class outline closely while allowing time for discussion and exploration around the table.  All the students were encouraged to contribute to the class by sharing their own dreams and experiences, and I think everyone was inspired by the other attendees' stories and accomplishments, as well as their future hopes for achievement.  Lisa also provided a series of useful materials to help supplement those provided with the course text, with useful diagrams and exercises.

In summary, I would recommend this course to anyone seeking help in reevaluating their current situation in order to take their level of life achievement to the next level.  As for me, I am no longer "spending" my time; I am now "investing" it."

~ Laura Schneider


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