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Six Strategies to Rebuild Your Brand After a Disaster

This video covers the following objectives:

  • The importance of Search Engine Optimization
  • How to research where your ideal customer spends time online and in social media
  • How to create a social media plan of action
  • How to connect and reach your target market
  • Social media best practices
  • Increasing your brand trust

Six Strategies to Rebuild Your Brand After a Disaster - Slides PDF

Using Online Tools to Recover After a Disaster Strikes

Small businesses need to react quickly after a disaster. It’s important to have plans in place to communicate with customers. This video will highlight three businesses impacted after Superstorm Sandy and tactics of how they recovered. 

Meet Lisa

I’ve never met a stranger. I’m one of those people who will talk to anyone – and now with social media – have truly made friends from around the world from conversations both online and in person. I love when I see the light bulb go on or the AHA moment happen – because I was able to take something hard to understand and make it work for you. That’s what I do best – simplify online marketing so you can succeed.

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