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Business Dig: Alleviate Stress By Doing These Four Things


In this episode of Business Dig, we welcome Dr. Bonnie Juul, Doctor of Chiropractic and natural health practitioner. Dr. Juul talked with us about how to change the way we feel with a natural approach for stress relief.

Dr. Bonnie Juul specializes in giving people the tools and understanding of how to live with health, energy, and vitality. She is the owner of the Natural Health & Wellness in southern Illinois, and her clients benefit from her natural wellness expertise. Unlike conventional medicines that often treat the only symptoms, Dr. Juul focuses on the condition that creates the health challenge.

We invite you to watch as we discuss the following topics:

  •  Dr. Juul shared her story of what inspired her and put her on the journey to thinking outside the box to increasing her health.
  • Wanted to become part of the solution and became a chiropractor.
  •  Explained how the immune system works and its relationship with stress.
  • We live in a state of chronic stress and its implications.
  • The need to decrease all areas of stress on our bodies.
  •  We need to calm down our nervous system.
  • Four main things we need to do (in baby steps).

1. Turn off technology. Get out in nature. Fear-based news increases stress. Go to reliable sources such as CDC website.

2. Exercise your mind and your body.

3. Meditate or pray.

4. Eat quality nutrients. Nutrients are fuel for the body. Avoid sugar.

  • Number one supplement to take.
  • You can be a lazy, healthy eater.
  • COVID-19 bodies - people go either +19 lbs. or -19 lbs. Go for the -19 lbs.
  • Opportunity for business owners to reflect and shift gears. We have the gift of time to refocus.
  • Don't open the door to stress again.

Contact: Dr. Bonnie Juul, Natural Health & Wellness,, 618-351-9364.

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