Four Steps to Get Your Content Noticed


Did you know that the average mobile user takes about 1.7 seconds on any piece of content they see? According to Nielsen Research, 38% of brand recall, 23% of brand awareness, and 25% of purchase intent result from video impressions that are less than two seconds long! With shrinking attention spans and growth of mobile platform usage, it is imperative you learn how to make your content stand out to viewers. 

Remember, for a post to have successfully made an impression, it only needs one second. What would you do with that second?

What stops your thumb when scrolling through your news feed? Was it bright and engaging? Did it connect with you? Learn from what content grabs your own attention - and how you can improve your own. 

Your biggest competition is not other companies; it’s your viewers' attention spans.

Here are four simple ways to get your content noticed.

  1. Keep a scheduled social media calendar. Keeping a scheduled social media calendar allows for structure and storage for eye-catching content. Whether you use a spreadsheet or online tools, you can keep all of your posts in order and scheduled for maximum results.
  2. Create content that is interactive. Interactive content is a growing trend in content marketing. Some 93% of marketers find interactive content effective; however, 88% of marketers do not make any of their content interactive. (Business). Encourage people to share what they have learned from your content. Ask questions designed to make your customers think beyond what you’ve provided.
  3. Keep your copy is clear and concise.  According to Social Media Examiner, great copy can help you create and promote a powerful, compelling story that will give people the chance to eliminate their concerns and preconceived ideas and just listen to what you have to say for a moment or two. 
  4. Repurpose your existing content. The first time you post content should not be the last time your viewers see it. You can take a simple blog post and turn it into a two-minute instructional video or find a professional to speak on the same content you wrote about. Learn to repurpose your content into a multitude of ways to ensure fresh content is making its way to your customers' feed. 

The most important step in your social media journey is keeping your content consistent. Keeping a steady outflow of content will keep your customers engaged and loyal. You do not need to make your content overly elaborate, but make sure it grabs your viewers in less than a second. 

Guest post by Olivia Nieto, marketing intern for Elkay Advisors, LLC. She is currently attending Cairn University for her Dual-Level MBA/Marketing degree. She aspires to work in fiction publishing or in a business administration role. In addition to school, Olivia works full time and is an upperclassman on her university’s softball team. 


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