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Business Dig: How to Alleviate Stress, Create Joy and Success By Learning to Focus


In this episode of Business Dig, we welcome Rex Sikes, the creator of MIND DESIGN™ and is also well known as a Master NLP Trainer, hypnotist, and whole-brain learning expert. Rex just released his book, Life on Your Terms, a powerful practical manual with a fresh take on personal growth, business success, and transformation that’s infused with love, wisdom, innovative ideas, principles, and practices that help you to begin creating and living the life you want.

In this broadcast, we hope you'll discover how to create a champion mindset and a victor mentality, to harness your dreams and desires using Rex's simple and powerful techniques. Rex gives you pages of real-life principles proven to change lives.

Rex’s book, "Life on Your Terms," is now available on Amazon.…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

We invite you to watch as we discuss the following topics:

  • Rex shared his story of how a skydiving accident helped him get his life back. He asked the question what do I need to do to change my life
  • Ask questions that you don't know the answers to and your brain keeps going outside of your consciousness to find the answers.
  • Asking directed questions and his MIND DESIGN program
  • You need a few easy principles and practices consistently to change your life.
  • It takes baby steps.
  • Take charge of your life and take action now.
  • You don't have to take massive action, but need to do the right things at the right time. You need a consistent way of being, thinking and behaving.
  • Live like an owner and take care of your life. Don't live haphazardly. Take control of you mindset.
  • Don't create resistance.
  • Your brain is only doing what it's learned to do. Whatever you do it will perpetuate.
  • Your brain is your friend and ally. You want to teach it how to do good habits instead of bad habits.
  • If you're thinking right, you'll start to feel right. As you do, that's how your life changes.
  • Increase little by little, win by win, things that move your from being stuck to feeling good.
  • The dog crap or diamonds approach. You have a choice.
  • Are your habits serving you?
  • If you think right and feel right you are more likely to take the right actions for outcomes that your want.
  • The Wright Brothers story. They were wrong until the moment that they were able to fly. They just kept trying. You need to know that you can do it and be certain that you can do it.
  • Edison learned 10,000 ways not to create a light bulb.
  • Tips for those stuck and in old habits.
  • You only become aware of something when you become aware.
  •  You can't keep doing the same things and expect a different life.
  • If you think you can't do it it is just a thought. That thought needs to change.
  • You can't start from a defeatist attitude.
  • You need to ask new questions that move you into a different direction.
  • You don't have to ignore a circumstance or pretend it's not happening, but you don't want to give it energy.
  • Choose to be around people that inspire and motivate you. Don't hang around energy vampires.
  • Attitude is the number one indicator for success according to research. Activate your attitude and you can accomplish anything.
  • When you're stuck, you have to stop. The Attitude Activator, Rex's program, helps you learn the process of shifting your attitude.
  • Stop perpetuating what you don't want and shift to creating what you do want.
  • Find your positive support group and the people that uplift you.

Contact: Rex Sikes,, NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming, Rex Sikes, Int'l Trainer & Idea Seminars

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