Business Dig: How To Cultivate the Qualities to Fortify Your Leadership Mindset


In this episode of Business Dig, we welcome Rick Lochner, the President of RPC Leadership Associates, Inc. where he helps business owners, corporate and non-profit leadership teams and individual professionals make leadership a way of life.

Rick has authored several books and his most recent release, “I’m Still Sayin’… More Revelations for Making Leadership a Way of Life” provides real-world insights that can help us make the shift from holding a leadership position to owning the mindset, taking the actions, and using the practical empathy that true leaders need in this demanding workforce climate.

In this broadcast, we seek to help you learn how to cultivate the qualities that can fortify your leadership attitude; to lead yourself and those who may be influenced by you.

Rick’s book, "I’m Still Sayin’… More Revelations for Making Leadership a Way of Life" is now available on Amazon.

We invite you to watch and listen as we discuss the following topics:

  • Rick is committed to young, aspiring entrepreneurs as a mentor and coach for the Business INCubatoredu course, designed to deliver a High School Entrepreneurship Curriculum in his local community. 
  • The pandemic has been a truth serum for business owners. 
  • Shows where the blind spots are on how business owners are running their business. The pandemic has proven whether they are doing business well or not. 
  • We know what’s happening and businesses need to start looking around the corner. 
  • Growth is harder than contraction. How strong is your foundation for your business? 
  • A habit that Rick has embraced is that he changes something every six months to create a habit of adaptability. 
  • What inspired Rick to write “I’m Still Sayin’” 
  • There are no time management issues, there are just priority issues. 
  • Recognizing that if you run a business, you are a leader. 
  • Tool most useful - SWOT Synthesis Process. 
  • Vision - Strategy - SWOT; to transform from survival to a clear sense of direction to where I want to take this business. 
  • Making good B+ decisions Contact: Rich Lochner, President and CEO of RPC Leadership Associates, Inc, 

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